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PharmaSmart Teams Up with Chain Drug Review

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NEW YORK — PharmaSmart International Inc. and Chain Drug Review have teamed up to help pharmacists help
their patients lower their blood pressure.

Under the partnership, PharmaSmart biometric screening technology and health IT systems will serve as the driver
for generating and streaming patients’ blood pressure readings to a secure, HIPAA-compliant data center. Qualified
clinicians will assess confidential data during the one-year program.

A secure and dedicated portal that delivers de-identified results will be accessible through the Chain Drug Review
website and powered by PharmaSmart’s PS DataSmart health IT database.

Pharmacists who achieve the most success in helping patients lower their blood pressure will win a choice of prizes,
including a contribution to their charity of choice, travel and a Sony PlayStation and/or an Apple iPad. Prizes, which
also will include multiple pizza parties throughout the program’s duration, will be awarded to individuals or groups.
A portal that outlines rules for participation, program registration and specifics about the program is scheduled to
launch in November.

Through the program, PharmaSmart and Chain Drug Review aim to boost awareness of the need to prevent and
manage chronic disease — including such conditions as hypertension — across the community pharmacy sector as
well as highlight the broader role that retail pharmacists can play in health care.

“Lowering patient blood pressure is an essential ingredient to the success of today’s health care system,” said Ashton
Maaraba, chief operations officer and general manager at PharmaSmart, based in Rochester, N.Y. “Thousands of
pharmacies across U.S. and Canada utilize PharmaSmart technology as a valuable, out-of-office resource tool to
help control patient blood pressure. Teaming up with Chain Drug Review, an outstanding media partner, provides the
industry with a unique channel to generate awareness and to advance the overarching goal between both companies
and community. ”

PharmaSmart’s health screening kiosks offer pharmacists and physicians an accessible, low-cost and effective
solution for monitoring blood pressure that they can recommend to patients. For retail pharmacies, the technology
provides pharmacists with an opportunity to coordinate care with local doctors in support of improved hypertension
screening, diagnosis and therapy management.

“Chain Drug Review is extremely excited to partner with PharmaSmart on this unique, collaborative effort, and in turn
bring attention to the positive impact that community pharmacists can have on the control of hypertension among their
patients,” said Jeff Woldt, vice president and editorial director of Chain Drug Review, based in New York.


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