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Add NEW REVENUE, drive your clinical programs, and improve patient loyalty and health outcomes

Only PharmaSmart Delivers Clinical Grade Data. Backed by evidence and trusted by physicians. Don't Settle for Less!

Engage your patients in their healthcare journey

Promote your clinical programs and digital health tools

Drive loyalty, prescription conversion, and your healthcare brand

Connect patient clinical data to your Rx software to support interventions and consultations

Measure and report population health using clinical grade health data

Improve patient health outcomes, payer and provider partnerships, and clinical revenues


Clinical Grade Blood Pressure Data and Reporting
  • Discover new cases of uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Improve disease state management and health outcomes
  • Turn-key triage of critical cases
  • Custom data reporting
  • Create new reimbursement revenue opportunity
  • Customize user experience to drive your brand
  • Promote other clinical pharmacy services
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