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Medical & Ambulatory Care Facilities

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Improve clinic efficiency, patient experience, and quality of care

Featured on the American Medical Association's National Validated Device List, PharmaSmart is the world's most trusted provider of community based, self-measured biometrics.

Published research shows that a PharmaSmart implementation in your clinic will improve workflow efficiency, patient and provider engagement, and overall quality of care. PharmSmart will work with your clinic to optimize your implementation, and create a healthier community together.

PUBLISHED STUDY RESULTS (Clinic Implementation)

  • Efficiency: Save 1.5 minutes of rooming time per patient
  • Improved Care: Medical Assistants reported having more time for other aspects of clinical care
  • Awareness: Increase health provider and patient engagement in blood pressure control
  • Adoption: 89% of patients are comfortable using the kiosk during clinic workflow
  • Between-Visit Monitoring: Patients use kiosk between appointments to self-monitor
  • Integration: Connect validated patient data directly to clinic EMR
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