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Hypertension Canada Releases Recommended Device List

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More great news for accurate blood pressure measurement!  Following similar BP device guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Pharmacists Association, American Medical Association, and the US Center for Disease Control, Hypertension Canada has formally announced the launch of its “Recommended Device Program”, which is based on published clinical evidence (not unsubstantiated manufacturer claims).  

PharmaSmart is proud to be the ONLY kiosk device listed, and one of a handful of devices to earn “GOLD” status recommendation. Key opinion leaders agree: patient blood pressure data is not actionable, and should NOT reside in the clinical patient record, unless it is sourced from an independently validated device. Common recreational kiosks do not withstand professional scrutiny and cannot support professional pharmacy programs.  

Hypertension Canada Press Release


Hypertension Canada Recommended Device List


PharmaSmart continues to lead the way in pharmacy hypertension management, and biometric data interoperability. As more pharmacists coordinate care with physicians, and as outcome-based payment models drive the new healthcare economy, data integrity is at a premium. When it comes to patient care, protect your reputation.  PharmaSmart’s motto says it all:  Backed by Evidence, Trusted by Physicians. Don’t Settle For Less.

Please contact us directly with any questions, or to review how PharmaSmart can help your organization achieve its clinical objectives

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