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JASH Press Release PharmaSmart BP kiosk receives expert endorsement

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – PharmaSmart health screening stations have been recognized by national experts as the only kiosks that “can be recommended by physicians for their patients” following a Food and Drug Administration consumer update on blood pressure kiosk accuracy.

PharmaSmart International Inc. said Thursday that the endorsement marks the first published expert recommendation for any blood pressure kiosk.

The scientific peer-reviewed statement, published this month in the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension (JASH), is an evidence-based summary of the issues surrounding public-use blood pressure kiosk accuracy. The authors urged business and health professionals to become “better informed” and “more discriminant” in their choice of blood pressure kiosk “in the interest of public health.”

The JASH statement authors include Dr. Dominic Sica, M.D., president of the American Society of Hypertension, and two national experts in blood pressure measurement, Dr. Richard Dart, M.D, and Dr. Bruce Alpert, M.D.

“Neighborhood pharmacy and pharamcists are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of primary care services, and specifically in the prevention and management of certain chronic diseases,” Warren Jeffery, chief operating officer at Canadian pharmacy chain Rexall, said in a statement. “Rexall has deployed PharmaSmart’s blood pressure management program into the majority of our stores, which has enabled access for our pharmacists to patient blood pressure results and to better manage patient care.”

PharmaSmart noted that the JASH statement comes in the wake of a recent FDA consumer update highlighting the limitations of blood pressure cuffs found on many health screening kiosks. The FDA noted that such limitations cause inaccurate results for many patients, and the agency advised consumers, “Next time you see your doctor, get his or her opinion about whether blood pressure kiosks are right for you.”

The JASH statement acknowledges the FDA advice and then continues, “There is a device currently available [PharmaSmart] that has undergone full validation testing and offers a wide-range cuff validated for almost all U.S. adult arms,” PharmaSmart reported. Based on the available evidence, including an industry survey, the JASH authors concluded that PharmaSmart is the only kiosk device that doctors can recommend, the company said.

“PharmaSmart and Bartell Drugs have teamed up to drive collaborative care projects with prominent physician networks throughout greater Seattle,” stated Billy Chow, director of pharmacy services and clinical programs at regional drug chain Bartell Drugs, which deployed PharmaSmart kiosks last year. “These projects would not be possible without PharmaSmart’s strong clinical evidence and industry leading health IT platform.”

PharmaSmart® Scientific Endorsement Sets New Standard
Following an FDA consumer update on blood pressure kiosk accuracy, national experts recognize PharmaSmart as the only kiosk that “can be recommended by physicians for their patients”. The published expert recommendation is a first for any blood pressure kiosk.

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National leaders in hypertension have acknowledged PharmaSmart as the only blood pressure kiosk solution that can be “recommended by physicians” for patient monitoring.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) October 09, 2014

National leaders in hypertension have acknowledged PharmaSmart as the only blood pressure kiosk solution that can be “recommended by physicians” for patient monitoring.

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