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PharmaSmart kiosks to integrate with PDX

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – PharmaSmart International Inc. has entered an agreement with PDX Inc. in which PharmaSmart health screening kiosks will be integrated with the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System and patient clinical data stored in PDX’s Rx.com Enterprise Pharmacy Record.

PharmaSmart said Friday that, with the integration, pharmacies using the PDX EPS that install PharmaSmart kiosks will be able to collect data from patients who use the PharmaSmart devices for clinical tests, such as blood pressure and weight.

For patients who opt in, the clinical data is recorded on the patient’s record in EPS as well as on that patient’s centralized health record within the Rx.com EPR. The integration also facilitates notification of pharmacy staff when severe/urgent lab values indicate intervention is required.

“PharmaSmart and PDX have collaborated on this integration to provide breakthrough pharmacy care to patients through cutting-edge heath information technology,” commented Josh Sarkis, general manager and senior vice president for strategic business development at PharmaSmart. “The pharmacist is able to remain within workflow while viewing the patient’s health record, receive an alert notification, intervene when necessary and provide patient consultations.”

Patients using the kiosk receive a smart card that connects them to their individual PharmaSmart profile. Via the integration, pharmacists get access to a clinical portal that provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s historical biometric data.

PharmaSmart said the new biometric integration triggers timely patient interventions, counseling sessions and increases MTM/cognitive health assessments for hypertensive, obese and diabetic patients. Additional tracking from validated PharmaSmart biometrics is downloaded in real time to the patient’s record on the PDX EPS.

“PDX understands that pharmacies need tools to not only remain competitive in the marketplace but also to drive patient outcomes,” stated PDX president Brad Crosslin. “By integrating this type of technology with EPS and facilitating the collection of clinical data within the patient’s health care record at the pharmacy and within the national EPR, we are helping pharmacists take an even more thorough, direct role in the care of their patients.”

Plans call for the PharmaSmart technology will be available in the PDX EPS next year.

“It is important to have this type of seamless interoperability within the daily pharmacy workflow, as it ultimately improves patient behavior and changes outcomes,” added Ashton Maaraba, general manager and chief operating officer at PharmaSmart. “Monitoring patient behavior and having the access to the biometric data to do so is extremely important in making the right advancements in today’s health care, not to mention that payers have recognized how critical these types of real-time cognitive assessments can be throughout the therapeutic process.”

Link Source: PharmaSmart – PDX Integration – Press Release 11.8.13

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