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PharmaSmart, Sav-Mor/Sav-On enter kiosk- supply deal

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — PharmaSmart International has signed a deal with Sav-Mor/Sav-On Pharmacies to supply its kiosks in the Michigan-based retail pharmacy network’s stores, PharmaSmart said Friday.

PharmaSmart will install its blood pressure and pulse kiosks in the stores, and patients will be able to access their Blood Pressure Tracker personal health records at Sav-Mor’s and Sav-On’s websites.

“I grew up in the great state of Michigan, and that is where my father practiced medicine for more than 15 years,” PharmaSmart COO Ashton Maaraba said. “It means a lot to me to see a homegrown franchise group like Sav-Mor/Sav-On launch the PharmaSmart program and commit to raise hypertension awareness and help drive better outcomes in the communities they serve. We are thrilled to have Sav-Mor/Sav-On as one of our newest global partners.”

Pharmacists at the stores and local physicians will be able to better manage patients with high blood pressure and related health conditions, and patients and their providers will be able to use the PharmaSmart personal health record to access the Department of Health and Human Services’ Million Hearts risk-assessment platform, part of a program aimed at preventing 1 million heart attacks by 2017. Sav-Mor/Sav-On plans to use the system for its new Blood Pressure Club, which will be the foundation of the network’s wellness programs.
“The PharmaSmart blood pressure program is exactly what we were looking to implement throughout our stores,” Sav-Mor Drug Stores EVP Yvonne Gallagher said. “It is a pure clinical solution in tune with today’s healthcare strategy and patient standard. High blood pressure impacts one of three American adults, and 33 million cases are reported ‘uncontrolled.'”

Source URL: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/12/prweb11419304.htm

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